Friday, January 7, 2011

Leaving A Trace

We seldom ever see beyond our own reside.
The wonders that surround us are too often held inside.

Writing creates focus and allows us the space to find our authentic selves.
You can be transformed by the many insights you will discover by keeping a journal.  Our unedited script from within is no longer held hostage by mind chatter when we enter the safe haven of  journaling.  Getting to know yourself  through writing is truly a wonderful adventure. A gift to ones self.  By filling the empty pages with our innermost opinions, expectations and stories along with the simple details of everyday life, creates focus and connection to life itself.  Putting pen to paper takes you on a quest, a journey of the self, that will reveal who you truly are.

Putting my thoughts down on paper, helps me figure out how I feel and this has helped me make meaningful changes in my life.  The written word exposes our deepest desires and our greatest fears.  It enables us to see things with clarity, so that we may continue on our way.  Everyone can realize this, simple by leaving a trace.

Helena ~.^


  1. So true are your words. Wow! 2 blogs at go, girl! WRITE ON! ;-)

  2. The way you expressed that gave me "perfection chills" NICE ! Makes me so proud for you that you are doing two too. Having someone to share this with makes it all the more special.
    ON I go to read more of your beautiful insight.


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