Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lady Topaz

My Sheltie has dedicated herself to me.
At night she sleeps in my room, always close by. 
In the morning while I journal and enjoy my morning tea,
she lays beside me,.  She is there now as I write this.

If I shift in my chair, she raises her head.
If I stand, she does. My life is her business.
Topaz thinks it's normal to come everywhere with me.

We are joined at the soul.
She doesn't understand why I would
want to do anything without her.

This Devotion isn't something I've earned.
It's not because I am's because she is good.  
I am the center of her world. She reads me like a book.
My moods, my health are felt deep in her bones.

Topaz will never break my heart, unless she leaves me.
Her love and devotion is ever present, unless you refuse it.
She fills me with endless love and Joy.
Even her eyes smile when I return home. 

Dogs are a treasured gift.
They trust you unless you teach them not to.
Dogs offer us so much without asking for anything in return.

I am eternally grateful for Topaz coming into my life.
My Little Fur Child

ღ Hεlεɳa ~.^


  1. My dog is the same way!!! She is my sweetheart and she is quite old. I Know her time is drawing near each day, however I know she will love me each and every day until then. I can see her love for me in the depths of her eyes!!

  2. I of had a number of dogs over the years and they responded in the same way. But for the last decade I have had a cat name Bragg, who I was given by JL. With a cat it just the reverse, they deem to let us take care of them, but only on their terms. They are as different as is the night and day.But I won't trade Bragg for anything.

  3. Your Topaz is beautiful! We currently have two greyhounds. They are our velcro dogs, always by our side. Love them! A little over a year ago we lost our golden retriever Amber. She was our family dog for 8 years. We lost her very quickly and suddenly to cancer. My heart hears your is very difficult when a furry friend is ill...Your writing on Topaz is beautiful.

  4. Hi Helena,
    Richie is right, cats are very different in attitude, but I wouldn't think of being without my Valentine.
    Very nice thoughts all pet families know exactly what you mean.

  5. What a beauty she is, and so devoted! I agree that pets are sos deeply connected to our hearts and to our wellbeing, they can indeed read us like books, and always seem to know just what to do to comfort us and protect us. They are furry family members in the true sense of the word, our lives would be far less without them. Thank you for sharing this lovely dog "tail"! :-)


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