Saturday, January 22, 2011


Can daydreaming be ego driven?

Can it be our great escape, perhaps because we cannot accept the present, or does our countless imaginings inevitably separate us from the here and now?

When does daydreaming take us too far?

Can it take us too far or does it benefit us to practice in our minds eye all the things we would like to do or try.

Quite possibly if we were to spend our entire life experience daydreaming, then we may never accomplish anything.  However, if we were to use our imaginings as the amazing tool that it is, it could be the most unanticipated
way to rehearse for the real thing. 

If you can imagine it, you can do it! Yes?

If you  really want to and believe you can, then you will.

Daydreaming can be your greatest friend or your worst
adversary.  Just dreaming and never doing, traps us in a mind prison. It can banish us from a world of endless possibilities or it can teach us to reach for the stars.

“Lets go star gazing.”

Đrɛam Prɛparɛ Đo
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  1. Your post are always inspiring !!

  2. I wish I had more time to daydream...seems to be a lost art...thanks for reminding if I can only learn to refine my daydreaming more into my writing....hmmmm?

  3. Daydreaming is the soul of"What If" and "What If" is the reality of the soul.


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