Sunday, January 16, 2011


Is too much of anything harmful?
Is finding the right balance the true secret of a positive and fulfilling life experience?
When is enough, enough?
And does wanting more only leave us emotionally and physically exhausted?

More food, more wine, more money, more this,
more that, more and more stuff!  Yikes!

I Have Enough!

We know that more and more food creates obesity,
but I have come to learn that more and more stuff
creates a kind of stagnant dissatisfaction and more money
only allows opportunity to get more stuff! Phew!

I Have Enough!

Curbing our appetite, not only for excess food,
but also for more and more unnecessary things,
allows for peaceful surroundings.

I recall when we prepared our house for sale,

I cleaned out closets, emptied cupboards,
put pictures away,  knick-knacks out of sight,
and cleared off  kitchen and bathroom counters. 
As our home became more and more empty,
I became more and more relaxed.
By putting everything out of sight, not only was housework easier,
I actually enjoyed doing it!  Even now as I write this,
I remember how calm I was.

I Have Enough!

So is less, really more?
I think we know the answer to that question.

We have been in our new home for two years now
and yep you guessed it…We have acquired more new stuff!
More scrap booking stuff; more garage stuff; more kitchen stuff;
more and more new and different stuff!  Ugh!
Yes, we fell back into the trap of confusing our wants over our needs.

“Oh, but I need it!” “No, you want it!”

I Have Had Enough!

So what is the solution to the never enough attitude?

Having that occasional favourite treat or new toy
should be enjoyed, however having them every time, 
all the time will make the whole experience become dull.  
Not to mention those goodies that we love so much,
will begin to hold us hostage to only the “wanting.”

Then pretty soon, we eat and shop so much,
that is no longer exciting, no longer pleasurable. 
The act of eating and shopping becomes a guilt ridden
mind-numbing habit. Buying new things or eating our
comfort foods all the time, takes the shine off what should
be a wonderful pleasurable experience.  Over indulgence
turns enjoyment to boredom real quick.  It no longer leaves
 us fulfilled. It just leaves us “Full.” Our pleasure gets lost
in the all consuming never ending eating and wanting,
all in the name of trying to re-capture that first blissful hit
of flavour or the high from the very first purchase.

I Have Enough!

Getting  back to celebrating our meals through daily rituals
and starting to pay attention to the ritual of mealtime is a beginning. 
We have lost touch with the gratification that food allows us. 
We must begin to show gratitude for this life sustaining miracle.
Have we put aside the daily mealtimes rituals and lost our enjoyment
 for food all through a means to be thin? Why, we may have even
made food the enemy, blaming the brownie instead of our over
indulgent choices.  Our own appetites are unrecognizable.
True hunger has become a stranger which resides back in
our childhood memories. By celebrating our meals through
ritual, our well being and enjoyment for food will return.

Our mind is always saying more!
Our bodies are screaming, I have enough!

©  Hεlεɳa ᏇђίԵε


  1. O' My dear Helena, how do we get our children growing up in this entitled culture to fully absorb the truth in which you write?!

  2. I really think the only way to to lead by example.

  3. I agree, living by example, children live what they learn.
    There are so many issuse's that this write brings to mind...TeeHeeHee... More subject matter? LOL
    Well written !

  4. There are only two things in which wanting more is not only good but worthwhile. Those to things are Love and Knowledge.Love of another for who and what they are, and knowledge to understand the world around us,and the mysteries of this elegant universe.You lady can really turn a phrase.

  5. I wish more parents would read this, so they can understand how important it is to teach by example, as you said. I also like what JL, Lorely, and Richard shared. This prose explains so succinctly the difference between the meaning of want vs. need.

    The part about the less you had in your house, the more relaxed you became...inspires me to donate or give away a lot of my Stuff. I have enough! Many thanks for writing and sharing this!


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