Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Embracing The Season Of Love

My favorite heart and Rose necklace

As February arrives, Cupid’s arrow finds us smitten with dreams of spring. With the world still asleep under a blanket of snow, I am inspired to spend quiet time lost in words of romance. However, the cold, wet and grey month of February has many concealed gifts.

Remember early school days, when you gave out Valentines to all your friends? Candy hearts inscribed with words of love, red-hot cinnamon hearts, and oh! the heart-shaped box filled with your favorite chocolates.
I still like the heart box more than the candy, lol.

In February, my fondest memories of treasured gifts of love come to light. From the diamond heart necklace that my husband gave me on our first Valentine's Day together, to the tiny rose pendant gift from my daughter's dearest friend. Then, of course, there are the homemade Valentine’s received from my children and more recently from my grandchildren. These gifts from the heart, received with love, continue to promise all that I hold dear. Heartfelt keepsakes that mean more than the eyes can see.

Such gifts as these create what I call, a sensation memory, the kind that stays in your heart forever. These tangible gifts hold more than sweets inside; they hold a promise of intention, the intention to offer the most precious of gifts, the gift of love. Perhaps the month of February isn’t so gloomy after all.

♥ Hεlεɳa ~.^


  1. Though valintine's day was create for commerical reason,it has given us the ability to tell others we love them and treasure the moments together.Thanks for making me remember those days.Well written.

  2. Such a lovely picture to accompany your warm, inspiring prose. Yes, you have made February a lot less grey and have filled it with heart-shaped memories and the healing power of love.

    I birthed my only child on February 11, 1987, so it has always been a special month for us. Perhaps that is why your writing resonates deep within my reminds me to cherish all the warm memories and to keep one's heart open. This feeling you have captured with your words makes me want to go out and buy Valentine's cards to send this year! :D

  3. You are sure to have a wonderful Valentines day with such sweet memories to embrace !

  4. I refuse to believe you have grandkids. Your writing is too young.

  5. @ Penny, Your as young or old as you choose...
    ~.^ H


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