Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celestial Dream Spiral

Celestial Dream Spiral
Falling, falling quickly...the sensation overwhelms.
I cannot catch my breath!
Falling, floating, spiraling...down, down, down... ever so softly.

Fear tried to intervene. I would not let it, not this time.
Please, this time has to be different.

Spiraling further down, down, down.

“Look around”, my inner voice urged,
"Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience."
All at once, a feeling of serene tranquility enveloped my being.
Now calm and untroubled, I looked upon a sea of bountiful clouds.
White canopies dotted the sky, surrounding me in reassuring numbers.

Spiraling down, down...gently down.

The air was clear, the sky so blue, the clouds transparent.
So unique was this hue, unlike any sky that I have ever witnessed.
What was I a part of? What was I witnessing?
So many simultaneously spiraling to the earth.
Thousands, no! hundreds of thousands.
Collective eyes all watching with surprised amazement,
taking in this breathtaking happening!

No words, no worries, no stress, no judgment.
Feeling so in the moment and more alive than I have ever felt.
Such an overwhelming sense of electrifying peace.
We shared anticipatory curiosity, celebrations of love, incredible joy,
all with accelerated faith and certainty.
Traces of inner wisdom remained,
conveying to me that no matter what: I AM...and always will be.

Upon awakening, my body continued to shake
within this spiraling vortex of
transcendental energy.
ღ Hεlεɳa

Posted for Theme Thursday



  1. Thank you Jl. My dreams are wonderful at times....

  2. Not only is the dream experience quite is the image you posted along with it. I felt as though I was spiraling through the dream with you. Strangely enough, it felt real as well. What a remarkable writing! Yes, your dreams are wonderful, are your are you.

  3. If that is the describtion of a dream,it is the most vivid and amazing poem that I have ever read.Well done,you have raised the bar another notch.I wish I could write poetry,i'm jealous.

  4. Your poems & dreams don`t surprise me anymore.
    I get to live with you every day which enables me to see and experience the love and longing in your soul.
    Well done my love, keep Dreaming and Living.
    Love Bob

  5. My goodness, I am so affected emotionally by all of your kind remarks this morning. As I wipe away tears, I wish to thank you all for your encouragement as it gladdens my heart, not only to share my words, but also to have them accepted and understood. ♥ Love Helena ~.^

  6. WOW !! thanks for sharing your words


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