Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Love Letter

October 2, 2011

Dear Chantelle

Eighteen years today, Chantelle.  
The span of time seems impossible to comprehend. 

Words of love through poetry continue to find my pen.  
Lunch away at a quaint town, nearby. 
On the way there, the song on the radio as
if right on cue plays for me only.

The song “Don’t forget me when I’m gone”
evoke tears of gratitude for the much needed sign. 
A knowing glance from Bob as he also recognizes
the significance this special song has for me. 

Today welcomes autumns Indian summer.
We walk the town and visit the many charming shops,
looking for nothing in particular, but hoping to
find the perfect treasure to mark this day.

Ice tea and fish and chips satisfy our comfort
food craving.  
Restaurant radio crackles, before another song starts. 
Your presence is felt as “Knights In White Satin”
plays quietly in the background.  
We sit in silence, listening to every word, welcoming another
amazing glimpse into the unnameable realm.

Lacy, our connection never falters. 
This day always amplifies your energy,
moving your essence even closer.
Although I still feel the pain of loss,
today it is filtered though all the love you continue to send.

Love is felt throughout my whole being. 
You will always be loved and never forgotten.

This is for my first visit to Write A Letter Wednesday


  1. And what a heart-centered visit this is! Through your writing, I can feel the love between Mom and Daughter as though it is in my very presence. The signs Lacy gives you to share her connection through Spirit are touching...and so real. Thank you for sharing this, Helena. It is such a loving tribute to Chantelle.

  2. Lives that live forever in our memories, are as real as the world we see around us.The love we have will strenghten our lives and holds us close in the arms of those reside in our thoughts and memories.What a beautiful letter to your daughter.And what a beautiful soul you have.

  3. It brings tears to my eyes to see the love in this for your daughter. Just beautiful!

  4. Although your daughter has physically left this earth...I love the fact that her very presence is with you always...what an amazing spirit connection between mother and daughter.

  5. I am honored that you chose such a beautiful letter to share with us at Write A Letter Wednesday. It is an amazing tribute to your daughter and speaks clearly of what I have always believed... that love trascends all and the bonds between us remain forever. While I'm sure this day is always an emotional one for you, and always will be, it is wonderful that you can turn it into a celebration of love and note the messages of comfort that are clearly coming thru to you! Thank you for joining Write A Letter Wednesday,I hope you'll return next week with more!

  6. I have read these beautiful quiet words more than once...sometimes in fragments...twice as a whole! There is such an eternal beauty in the tears of love...They refresh...


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