Friday, March 4, 2011

Ah Spring!

Awaken early to greet the warmth of the morning sun
Birds singing, busy with their nests
Cleansing rains offer nourishment for the parched canopy
The energy of the sun envelops the newness
A new life emerges from each branch 
A gentle breeze blows softly, rustling each new birth
In the quiet of the stillness
As each leaf opens gently
Bursting forth into nature,
It becomes a welcome witness
To an engaging Spring. 

Ah Spring!

As we say farewell to the long, ragged winter, anticipation of spring is felt deep within our spirit. This renewed spark is the essence of our connection to the Earth. After our deep hibernation under the cloak of winter's abundance, spring is a most welcoming season.

During winter's embrace we shield ourselves 
from the cold landscape.
We quietly hunker down to rejuvenate ourselves in 
anticipation of future blossoms. 
This deep freeze partially hides us from one and other.

Spring’s arrival beckons us to awaken!
As the days become brighter, our souls yearn to reconnect.
As the days grow longer, 
so do our walks and chats with neighbours.
At Spring's first blush, we eagerly emerge from winter's hold,
realizing our good fortune of living in such a diverse and
miraculous world, which we have the honor of call home.

♥  © Hεlεɳa ωђίԵε

Lets help celebrate Spring over at One Stop Poetry with Brian Miller 


  1. Thank you for removing the cloak of winter! Beautifully done.

  2. i just want to sigh after reading it...smiles. its a gorgeous (almost spring) day here...

  3. Warm, soothing, inviting words.
    Here's my take:

  4. Many write about the flowers of spring, so I especially appreciate your viewpoint of the LEAVES being birthed one at a time... after the cleansing rain, the sun's energy, and the gentle breezes prepare for their awakening.

    Both poems are delightfully inspiring and have me excited about spring's awakening! Thanks for sharing both of these. ;-)

  5. Oh how you weave the aroma, sights and feelings, such a wonderful awakening !

  6. Beautiful odes of welcome to Spring. I enjoyed them so much.

  7. lovely and great! here's my potluck..

  8. Delightful as we get nearer and nearer to spring ... new life, new discoveries, new starts! I LOVE the "feel" of your blog as well as the name ~~ I'll be back!! becca

  9. Off with the white sheets, and on with the colored now now...
    LOVE this poem, Helena...refreshing and invigorating to the senses...

    CHEERS to the lovely Spring!! :)


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