Thursday, July 7, 2011


My morning tea  always
tastes better by candlelight
Alone in a room of my own
aware of the stillness that surrounds me
There is something about a lit candle
that makes a room come alive
All my senses become heightened
Wanderlust imaginings fill my mind
The candle flickers with hypnotic light
inviting buoyant energy
to share this esoteric space
as we merge into
secluded stillness


  1. You have such a beautiful and eleguant way with words. I can only wish I had half the talent as you..Beautiful..Susie

  2. So true..and so beautiful. I really love your page!! It's so pretty and soothing to look at.

  3. Your words are smooth and flowing. Wonderful poem to read in the morning.

    Compliments to all the lovely artwork in your blog ~

  4. Ah yes, how to make each moment sacred. This poem is a wonderful example.


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