Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twice As Nice

 Best Friend
 A poem written by Hallie (9)

Snugly cute friend,
a great TEDDY BEAR
is always wear you leave it,
It’s there to help,
its there to play
and sleep with you
It’s a great listener too...
Some kids say a teddy bear

~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ~ི♥ྀ ~ʚįɞ

Little Fairy
  A poem by Emilie (9)

One little fairy
was gracefully flying in the sky
She went to every garden 
leaving a surprise
In the morning people woke up
and checked there gardens
to find them sparkling beautifully...

My beautiful granddaughters trying their hand at poetry.
Posted for Friday Poetically with Brian Miller, who asked that we share
something written with or by a child. 


  1. These are precious, Helena. You are blessed to have them.

  2. These are keepsakes and precious. They are very talented.

  3. these are beautiful...i still have my teddy bear from when i was a kid...well my son has it now...and fairies, i still believe in those too...smiles.


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